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ROG - Cargo & Shipping
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Ship Management Services with ROG We offer management experience with marine engineering & operational excellence and certified Security and Safety Management Systems.
Our processes and procedures include Purchasing and Procurement, Accounting Systems, and Property Management. Shipboard officers and crews are trained and certified as per STCW standards for training, certification and watch standing. Oil Spill Response Plans are in compliance with Port and Regulatory compliance is routinely verified by Internal Audits conducted by trained and certified ROG auditors. In addition to managing our own fleet of vessels and Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs), we are managing four Oil/Chemical Tankers by the name of Anna Karenina (DWT: 9093 T), Agatha (DWT: 6739 T), Speedy (DWT: 7715 T) & White Fang (DWT: 29990 T). It should be noted that few other new Oil/Chemical Tankers will join our fleet of tankers for management which we will update the related information in the site in near future. The ship management services by ROG cover all aspects of marine operations, including maintenance and onshore staffing. Crewing is a major component of vessel management, and ROG employs a stringent recruitment process to ensure that it supplies no less than top caliber manpower. As with any other company, client satisfaction is a main objective for ROG ship management operations, and so it continually devises and implements methods of ensuring that its services are in line with client objectives. Interested parties, whether in need of ship management services for a single ship or a whole fleet, may contact the company for more information. ROG and its staff are backed by over almost three decades of experience in marine operations & management. It also operates in compliance with the requirements of different regulatory bodies for safety and service quality.
ROG - Cargo & Shipping recognized the industry requirements and to provide services to meet these requirements, ROG owns a fleet of 17 vessels. To name a few are
  • 5 Tankers
  • 2 Barges
  • 7 Towing Boats
    • TINA
    • MST YAL
    • SABA
    • HERO 2
  • 1 Landing Craft
    • Moeen-1
  • 1 Supply Crew Boat
    • FADAK 200
    • ROYAL 3
  • 1 Container Vessel

For sales enquiries and a quotation for providing all services, please contact us at following e-mail address :